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The Islamic Party of Britain began its work in 1989 with the purpose of encouraging public debate about the Islamic alternative. Being the very first national Islamic political organisation in the UK and the only Islamic political party in the non-Muslim Western world, it has helped Muslims to gain confidence in the political discussion, it has researched Islamic answers to contemporary issues and come up with convincing policies on economy, environment, health, education, social affairs, international relations, and many other aspects of modern life. It has provided accurate, well presented information about Islam to the general public, and many have found their way to Islam through its dynamic approach.

Giving the Muslims in Britain a voice in matters relating to the future of British society features amongst the objectives of the party, as does helping them to improve their planning and organisation to improve their situation in a world ruled by forces prejudiced with anti-Islamic sentiment. Its main efforts are, however, directed at the majority of non- Muslims living in the West, who are to be offered practical alternatives to the mounting problems of modern society and may be helped to understand that as an ideology and way of life Islam is superior to the failed ideologies of capitalism and communism.

Such encounter has to be public, and this, not the desire for minority representation, is the party's motivation when participating in local and national elections. It is entirely financed by subscriptions and individual donations and is independent of any domestic or foreign government or organisation. To continue its important mission, your regular support is vital.

The Islamic Party of Britain publishes a quarterly magazine called Common Sense , containing in-depth articles from an Islamic perspective on a different relevant topic each issue. Annual subscription is free. However, If you don't have access to the Internet a printed copy will cost you 10 annually (+5 postage if outside UK). Please send your subscription, or any other correspondence.

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 Please send all correspondence including any questions , suggestions for improvement or general  feedback . Your opinions are most welcome. Please note as part of our standard anti-virus procedures under no circumstances will attachments added to emails be read or opened, unless with prior consent.

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