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     Dajjals , Donmehs and Extra - Terrestrials



It is generally understood that the Islamic Caliphate came to an end in 1924, with the rise of Kemal Ataturk, but the effective end of the Caliphate occurred in July 1908, in line with the prophecies of the messenger of Allah that Constantinople would fall into the hands of 70,000 sons of Isaac posing as Muslims. 'Acacia', an official Masonic publication of 1908, stated:

"A secret Young Turk council was formed and the whole movement was directed from Salonica. Salonica, the most Jewish town in Europe - 70,000 Jews [Sons of Isaac] out of a population of 100,000, was specially suited for the purpose. It already contained several [Masonic] Lodges, in which the revolutionaries could work without being disturbed. These Lodges are under the protection of European diplomacy. And as the Sultan was without weapons against them, his fall was inevitable... On the 1st May, 1909, the representatives of 45 Turkish Lodges met in Constantinople and founded the 'Grand Orient Ottoman'. Mahmoud Orphi Pasha was nominated Grand Master..."

The above evidence was found in 'Occult Theocracy' by Lady Queenborough, who then goes on to say: 

"To complete the information, we may add that two of the Salonica lodges, those of Macedonia and Labour & Lux were connected with the Grand Orient of Italy and France."

Both the Grand Orient of France and Italy were, and still are, manifestly secular, and overtly atheistic. More detailed information on how such secretive establishments undermined the Islamic Caliphate as well as engineered the Bolshevik Revolution can be found in David Pidcock's book 'Satanic Voices - Ancient and Modern'

The warnings of prophet Muhammad link the fall of Constantinople with the coming out of Dajjal after the Great War, and it is clear that Theodor Herzl's scheming with the Young Turks and machinations against the Sultan, culminating ultimately in the realisation of his dream, the State of Israel in the land of Palestine, is inseparably linked with those processes preparing the ground for the Antichrist. The Jews, rejecting Jesus as the Messiah, still await their Messiah, and only recently the word has gone round in Jewish communities again that his coming is near. We can be almost sure that what they are awaiting is the false Messiah we have been warned of. As they have been looking out for their 'saviour' for quite some time, many a lesser Dajjal caught their attention since the days of the prophet, and one of those relates closely to Salonika and Turkey. The strange story surrounding his cult which will be related in the following can also serve as a reminder how easily Islam gets embroiled and mixed up in murky waters, raising question marks over exclusively Jewish Sufi groups in Britain today, or the involvement of Sufi orientated "Muslims" in occult "geophysical" societies in East London.

The Times History of The [Great] War says about Salonika: "The Greeks had to wait 483 years before the Theotokos 'regained her own.' But the Salonika which their armies entered in 1913 was radically a very different city from the Salonika of 1430. The Turks had opened it to Jewish immigration, and the Sephardim, fleeing from the intolerance of the most Catholic kings of Spain, had succeeded in making it in the course of four centuries into half a Jewish city. Of its 150,000 inhabitants some 70,000 were Jews...".

In addition to these Jews were a group of Crypto-Jews, who, according to Sir Gerard Lowther, "externally" professed "Islamism", these were, and still are, referred to as "The Donmeh". A more recent Jewish source, 'Acts of Faith' by Dan Ross, gives the following, up to-date picture of these people: 

"Chapter Five: The Donmeh of Turkey: Wife-Swapping Moslems Waiting for a Jewish Messiah

Not long after World War I, European diplomats faced one of the most bewildering dilemmas in the annals of Jewish identity. It occurred when the Ottoman Empire was carved into the two new nations of Greece and Turkey. The two states agreed on a population exchange to transfer their peoples to match the new boarders... In the Treaty of Lausanne, endorsed by most European powers in 1923, the two nations agreed to define identity according to religion... With only a few exceptions, Moslems had to move to Turkey and Orthodox Christians to Greece. Jews, where they happened to live, were allowed to stay there. It became one of those occasions when the question "Who is a Jew?" was of more than academic interest."

"The city most affected by the population exchange was the old Turkish commercial centre, Salonika (now Thessaloniki, Greece). It was perhaps the most Jewish city in the world. For centuries, until it was captured by Greece in 1912, more Jews had lived in Salonica than Greeks and Turks combined. It was the capital of Sephardi Jewry and, in more prosperous times, of the entire Jewish world. Jewish merchants had run the great trading houses, Jewish scholars headed the city's academies, and Jewish longshoremen controlled Salonika's docks. Only Christians rested on Sunday and only Moslems on Fridays, but the entire city shut down each Saturday."

"A group of ten to fifteen thousand Moslems in Salonica, known as Donmeh, tried to circumvent the population exchange. They said they were not really Turks, but Jews who only practised the Moslem religion. Their appeal was denied. The Greek government did not dispute their contention, but simply pointed to the Treaty of Lausanne which defined Turks by religion, not ethnic origin. At about the same time, a few Donmeh asked Salonica's rabbis to accept them back into Judaism. They claimed they were really secret Jews. For the last two hundred and forty years, they said, they had only pretended to be Moslems. The rabbis, too, denied their appeal. But like the Greeks, they did not dispute the Donmeh's strange contention. Their refusal was based on even odder grounds: that (the) Donmeh were "bastards" (in Hebrew: mamzerim). They held annual orgies where they slept with each other's spouses, charged their rabbis, and could not be sure who their fathers were. As the Bible says, "A 'bastard' shall not enter into the assembly of the Lord, even unto the tenth generation. The Donmeh had no alternative but to leave Salonica... The vast majority joined Salonica's other Moslems in the exodus to Turkey. There the Donmeh settled in three cities: Izmir (formerly Smyrna), Edirne (formerly Adrianopole), and Istanbul (formerly Constantinople). Most continue to live together in their own neighbourhoods. Some, no one knows how many, continued practising their strange secret cult. To this day, a few aging Moslems in those cities may still be praying to the God of the Jews  and waiting for the return of his "Messiah," Shabbatai Zevi."

"The word donmeh means "convert" in Turkish, but only Salonica's Turks used that name for the sect. Jews preferred to call them 'minim', a word meaning "heretics." The Donmeh themselves used neither of those terms, preferring another Hebrew word: ma'aminim, meaning "believers." This terminology was an accurate reflection of each group's perspective. In this day and age, what the Donmeh believed in can only be described as incredible: that a seventeenth - century false Messiah named Shabbatai Zevi was the redeemer of Israel, that the path of redemption lay in pretending to be a Moslem, and that Shabbatai's appearance had invalidated old concepts of law and morality - what once was prohibited was now permitted. The story of the Donmeh may be the most bizarre in the annals of Judaism. That voluntary Marranos lived a licentious double life as Jews and Moslems, in a major European city in our own time, challenges our credulity. Only by suspending our rational instincts can we comprehend their faith in a false Messiah otherwise discredited hundreds of years before".

'Acts of Faith' then tries to explain how such strange events could have come about:

"Mysticism and messianism used to be the neglected step - children of Jewish studies. Until recently modern Jews preferred to ignore that "dark side" of their heritage. Jewish historians, schooled in nineteenth - century rationalism, dismissed it as the superstition of a misguided few. All this has changed in the last few decades. Led by the remarkable Gershom Scholem, who virtually "invented" Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism) as a field for scientific research, contemporary scholars are re - evaluating its place in Jewish history. Long neglected writings have been brought to light and maligned philosophies have been rehabilitated. The messianic movement of Shabbatai Zevi is now recognized for its enormous impact on Judaism. It is considered, in Scholem's own words, 'one of the most important phenomena of Jewish history and of the history of religions'."

"Shabbatai Zevi was born in Smyrna, on the Aegean coast of Turkey, in 1626. The first half of his life was spent in solitude and continence, apparently because of an unpleasant experience with masturbation at the age of fifteen. (He was later divorced by his first two wives because he refused to consummate those marriages.) He was a brilliant student, and was ordained a rabbi at the age of eighteen. Shortly afterwards he began to study Kabbalah, as did many young rabbis of the day. But Shabbatai stood out from other young Kabbalists by virtue of his periods of "illumination," as his followers called them. At odd intervals he would be filled with an ecstatic, inexplicable joy, when he would perform strange acts which often violated Jewish law."

On re - examining Shabbatai Zevi's behaviour, in the light of modern psychology, Ross states that Scholem finds unmistakable evidence that Zevi suffered from Manic - depression. He says that:

"Shabbatai's 'illuminations' were merely the manic phases of a personality cycle which also included periods of deep, unrelieved melancholy, when he was tormented by demonic, often erotic, anxieties. In his early years Shabbatai only hinted he might be the Messiah. He was dismissed as a crackpot, and his eccentricities rewarded with excommunication by several Jewish communities. It was not until shortly after his thirty - ninth birthday, when he joined forces with an ascetic Palestinian rabbi named Nathan of Gaza, that Shabbatai was taken seriously. Nathan became his leading prophet, reinterpreting popular Kabbalistic doctrines to fit Shabbatai's symptoms. He declared that Shabbatai's soul was waging a battle for freedom from the forces of evil. In his states of "illumination" Shabbatai was prevailing; in his "days of darkness" he was not. Nathan compared the "Messiah" to Job, who also fell under the influence of Satan before returning to divine favour. But unlike Job's, Shabbatai's battle would decide the future of all mankind. A new age was dawning. Nathan's teachings touched a chord of longing among Jews everywhere. Rich and poor alike flocked to Shabbatai's banner for a year long revel in 1665 - 66. Pious Jews danced in the streets of Amsterdam. Jewish gamblers in London and Hamburg offered ten - to - one odds that Shabbatai would rule the world within two years. Polish villagers packed their belongings for a trip to Jerusalem, expecting to ride there on the backs of clouds. Shabbatai's "believers" clashed with "infidels" in the streets of Constantinople, easily carrying the day. Iranian Jews abandoned their homes to live in the fields dressed in sackcloth and ashes. Even in far - off Yemen, Jews ceased all business, gave their money to charity, and put on their clothes for the trip to Jerusalem. In Salonica, perhaps the world's largest Jewish community, seven to eight hundred girls were married off early in order to speed up redemption. Salonica's richest merchants gave away their belongings, touching off an economic crisis from which the city never fully recovered. Shabbatai himself spent much of that time in prison. He was arrested on his way to Constantinople to assume the Sultan's throne, just eight months after he and Nathan had declared his mission. Although treason was ordinarily a capital crime, the unusual nature of Shabbatai's 'troopless rebellion' apparently spared his neck."

It should not be lost on us that it was the 20th century followers of this same seventeenth - century Dajjal, who eventually succeeded in assuming the Sultan's throne, having first toppled it, as prophesied, without a blow being struck in anger.

"For seven months in the spring and summer of 1666, Shabbatai 'reigned' from various Turkish cells. Jailers were bribed to give him the run of the prisons, which came to resemble palaces more than jails. Visitors came in the thousands to pray at his feet. During his manic phases Shabbatai continued to flout Jewish law, reviving the ancient temple sacrifices on Passover and transforming two of Judaism's most sacred fasts (seventeenth of Tammuz and the Ninth of Ab) into feasts. Debauchery with female visitors was rumoured to be frequent; as the Messiah, Shabbatai abandoned his earlier modesty."

In the September of 1666, Shabbatai Zevi was brought before the sultan in Adrianopole: 

"Thousands of believers followed, expecting to see the sultan turn over the throne. They were cruelly disappointed. Shabbatai was allowed to live only by agreeing to convert. The 'Messiah' became a Moslem. His apostasy threw Shabbatai's followers into turmoil. Most admitted their error and returned to more traditional forms of Judaism. But a surprisingly large number was unable to. Their messianic experience had been so profound - actually living and behaving as though the Messiah had already arrived - that even his conversion to Islam could be rationalized. Their rationalization - a doctrine of necessary apostasy: that the Messiah had to descend into the deepest realms of evil in order to return and redeem the entire world. This doctrine had a personal appeal for many believers, who were themselves born as or had descended from Marranos in Spain and Portugal. For them it was no sin to pretend to follow another religion... What mattered most was their inner reality. In their hearts they all remained Jews, who followed a new and higher law introduced by Shabbatai Zevi. This 'higher law' is the key to their theology, which was based on the idea of two Torahs' - two sets of laws. They considered traditional Jewish law just an 'earthly' Torah which was only valid until the coming of the Messiah. Shabbatai had replaced it with a higher 'spiritual' Torah.

Paradoxically, these two Torahs were considered one and the same. The new spiritual Torah was the previously hidden inner meaning of the earthly Torah. In effect it was the idea of law without any specific laws. As Shabbatians explained it, in their rewritten version of the Jewish credo Ani Ma'amin (I Believe): 'I believe with perfect faith that this Torah cannot be exchanged and there will be no other Torah; only the commandments have been abolished...'."

Gullible's Travails. Human nature has a nasty habit of repeating its past mistakes, and the similarities between the erroneous ideas of the Donmeh, and those which occurred among the Children of Israel prior to, during, and after the Exodus from Egypt, are remarkably consistent. Truly, they would have remained God's Chosen People, had they maintained the integrity of Torah and upheld its Commandments. And the reason for their demise is evident from the words of Rabbi Yosef Sonnenfeld (the chief rabbi of the orthodox anti - zionist community in the Holy Land), for the past 2000 years, the Jews have been lacking the purity required by the Torah, which is why they no longer qualify for the exalted title of God's 'Chosen People', nor do they qualify for a state, and a secular state at that, in the Holy Land.

The recent mass - murder/suicide in Granges - sur- Luce, Switzerland, and Morin Heights, Quebec Canada, of members of the New - Age cult : 'Order of the Solar Temple', highlights the dangers posed by all New- Age cults, and long established religious orders who teach other than strict monotheism. David Icke, who claims to be a Son of the Godhead, is amongst those venturing into this dangerous territory with his new anti - religious book  'The Robots Rebellion'. The following are excerpts from a recent letter by Islamic Party Leader David Pidcock to him, pointing out that, he, like Salman Rushdie, is entitled to hold the views he does, but requesting him to look again at the sources from which he has obtained the highly misleading data he has published on Islam.

"Dear David,

I seek refuge in Allah, from the accursed devil.

Further to our meeting in Sheffield, and your recent letter to Geoffrey Basil Smith regarding matters of mutual interest. I am writing to inform you that, whilst I cannot agree with the baseless things you have written about Islam in your new book - The Robots' Rebellion -  I acknowledge your right to hold such views, in line with the Qur'an, which states categorically that, 'there can be no compulsion in religion'.

Judging from your pronouncements on the other divinely inspired religions of  Judaism, Christianity,  you certainly have managed to throw the baby out with the bath water. However, it is my firm belief that, only the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth will set us free. Therefore, only when everything is laid out will we see where,  'the truth stands out clear from error'. It is my hope that you will eventually come to recognise the defects in your final analysis, and I welcome your request to establish a two way dialogue in this regard.

As you know, we have now completed Geoffrey's sequel - 'Dark Knights of The Solar Cross', his in - depth exposure of the origins and basis of the New - Age, the result of 23 years experience and research, part of which he gave to you during your last visit to Sheffield. As a former member of White Eagle Lodge, and a former Grand Baphomet X, Grand Master of the Anti - Crowley Maat Lodge of the Ordo Templi Orientis, 1981 - 1983, he above all understands the source of the ideas you have put forward. Particularly the beliefs in Extra Terrestrials or ET's. His close association with Elizabeth Van Buren, authoress of, amongst other titles, 'Lord of the Flame', Pat Crowther, authoress and Witch Queen, and his acceptance into their midst by the Prieure de Sion following his earlier  Pro New - Age publication, 'Knights of The Solar Cross', makes his contribution somewhat unique. The opening of Chapter of which begins:

'They are known as the Magi, the Masters, the Mahatmas. Some call them the Illumined Ones, the Rishis, the Great White Brotherhood. They have been Hindus, Buddhists, esoteric Christians, pagans, Sufis, Zoroastrians, members of all religions throughout the ages. Their ranks have included Cabalists, Alchemists, Rosicrucians, high - grade Freemasons, mystics and occultists of every persuasion. In more recent times their devotees have called themselves Theosophists, Anthroposophists, members of the Golden Dawn. Even more recently, the 'Masters' have been presented as - and still are  decidedly Extra - Terrestrial' (Knights of The Solar Cross, p.3.)

Geoffrey held similar views to you, when he wrote his first book (Knights of The Solar Cross)  and was similarly unaware of the possibility that the entities to which you currently refer, might, in fact, be the manifestations of highly deceptive, human agencies, and of those of the equally terrestrial, malevolent Ginn (Jinn). For which read Lucifer, Satan, the Devil, etc., from whom we seek refuge in Allah from their evil, which He created as part of our test.

Your book echoes much of Blavatsky's Anti - Christianity, who, as you should know, was a charlatan of the first order. As Geoffrey Basil Smith points out on page 15 of his new book 'Dark Knights of The Solar Cross', she resorted to trickery and artificial limbs to fool the gullible.

'Occasional appearances of Mahatmas [ET's] were put down to impersonations by a certain M.Coulomb who used a dummy head and shoulders for the purpose. M. Coulomb and her husband raised the damning allegations against H.P.B. ' [i.e. Blavatsky]. But this should come as no surprise. According to Mr Smith, in Vsevolod Solovyoff's book 'A Modern Priestess of Isis', Solovyoff claims that he obtained a definite admission of forgery from H.P.B. regarding the Mahatma letters. ...

She is said to have confessed:

'What is one to do ... when, in order to rule men, you must deceive them, when in order to catch them and make them pursue whatever it may be, it is necessary to promise and show them toys? Suppose my books and the Theosophist were 1,000 times more interesting and serious, do you think that I would have anywhere to live and any degree of success, unless behind all this stood 'Phenomena', I should have achieved absolutely nothing...'

She also said that 'Mesmerism is the most important branch of magic... 'Which, of course, was the device used by the magicians of Pharaoh to deceive the populace.

20:46 He said: "Fear not: for I am with you: I hear and see (everything). 

20:47 "So go ye both to him, and say, 'Verily we are apostles sent by thy Lord: Send forth, therefore, the Children of Israel with us, and afflict them not: with a Sign, indeed, have we come from thy Lord! and peace to all who follow guidance! 

20:48 "'Verily it has been revealed to us that the Penalty (awaits) those who reject and turn away.'" 

20:49 (When this message was delivered), (Pharaoh) said: "Who, then, O Moses, is the Lord of you two?" 

20:50 He said: "Our Lord is He Who gave to each (created) thing its form and nature, and further, gave (it) guidance." 

20:51 (Pharaoh) said: "What then is the condition of previous generations?" 

20:52 He replied: "The knowledge of that is with my Lord, duly recorded: my Lord never errs, nor forgets,- 

20:53 "He Who has, made for you the earth like a carpet spread out; has enabled you to go about therein by roads (and channels); and has sent down water from the sky." With it have We produced diverse pairs of plants each separate from the others. 

20:54 Eat (for yourselves) and pasture your cattle: verily, in this are Signs for men endued with understanding. 

20:55 From the (earth) did We create you, and into it shall We return you, and from it shall We bring you out once again. 

20:56 And We showed Pharaoh all Our Signs, but he did reject and refuse. 

20:57 He said: "Hast thou come to drive us out of our land with thy magic, O Moses? 

20:58 "But we can surely produce magic to match thine! So make a tryst between us and thee, which we shall not fail to keep - neither we nor thou - in a place where both shall have even chances." 

20:59 Moses said: "Your tryst is the Day of the Festival, and let the people be assembled when the sun is well up." 

20:60 So Pharaoh withdrew: He concerted his plan, and then came (back). 

20:61 Moses said to him: Woe to you! Forge not ye a lie against God, lest He destroy you (at once) utterly by chastisement: the forger must suffer frustration!" 

20:62 So they disputed, one with another, over their affair, but they kept their talk secret. 

20:63 They said: "These two are certainly (expert) magicians: their object is to drive you out from your land with their magic, and to do away with your most cherished institutions. 

20:64 "Therefore concert your plan, and then assemble in (serried) ranks: He wins (all along) today who gains the upper hand." 

20:65 They said: "O Moses! whether wilt thou that thou throw (first) or that we be the first to throw?" 

20:66 He said, "Nay, throw ye first!" Then behold their ropes and their rods-so it seemed to him on account of their magic - began to be in lively motion! 

20:67 So Moses conceived in his mind a (sort of) fear. 

20:68 We said: "Fear not! for thou hast indeed the upper hand: 

20:69 "Throw that which is in thy right hand: Quickly will it swallow up that which they have faked what they have faked is but a magician's trick: and the magician thrives not, (no matter) where he goes." 

20:70 So the magicians were thrown down to prostration: they said, "We believe in the Lord of Aaron and Moses". 

20:71 (Pharaoh) said: "Believe ye in Him before I give you permission? Surely this must be your leader, who has taught you magic! be sure I will cut off your hands and feet on opposite sides, and I will have you crucified on trunks of palm-trees: so shall ye know for certain, which of us can give the more severe and the more lasting punishment!" 

20:72 They said: "Never shall we regard thee as more than the Clear Sings that have come to us, or than Him Who created us! so decree whatever thou desirest to decree: for thou canst only decree (touching) the life of this world. 

20:73 "For us, we have believed in our Lord: may He forgive us our faults, and the magic to which thou didst compel us: for God is Best and Most Abiding." 

20:74 Verily he who comes to his Lord as a sinner (at Judgment),- for him is Hell: therein shall he neither die nor live. 

20:75 But such as come to Him as Believers who have worked righteous deeds,- for them are ranks exalted,- 

20:76 Gardens of Eternity, beneath which flow rivers: they will dwell therein for aye: such is the reward of those who purify themselves (from evil). 

20:77 We sent an inspiration to Moses: "Travel by night with My servants, and strike a dry path for them through the sea, without fear of being overtaken (by Pharaoh) and without (any other) fear." 

20:78 Then Pharaoh pursued them with his forces, but the waters completely overwhelmed them and covered them up. 20:79 Pharaoh led his people astray instead of leading them aright. 

Qur'an ayah 46 - 79 of Surah 20, TaHa

A touch of the ET's, therefore, is simply the result of Terrestrial, Seven Rays, Chaldean Mesmerism, aided and abetted by the ever - present Terrestrial, Satanic, Genius of the Ginn. We should not forget that the word Genius comes from the word Genie. Nor should we forget that  'Mesmerism is the most important branch of magic...' (Blavatsky)

Your attempts on page 52, to attribute the miracles of The Exodus to some 'disincarnate entity', other than Allah, or El'ah - The Almighty God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad - may His blessings be upon them all, has been the standard ploy, used throughout history, by all 'purveyors of pretence' in their plans to usurp the authority of the rightly guided Messengers. Furthermore, on page 53, you say that the Israelites walked across a sandbar in order to cross the Red Sea, which Napoleon I later used, but failed to mention Napoleon's conversion to Islam in 1798, and his complete acceptance of the Qur'an, which includes verse 78 of Surah 20 quoted above. (stating the drowning of the pharaoh)

In 'Bonaparte Et L'Islam', by Christian Cherfils, published in 1914, Napoleon Bonaparte is officially recorded as having made the following declaration: 

'I hope that the time is not far off, when I will be able to unite all the wise and educated men from all countries and establish a uniform regime based on the principles of the Qur'an, which alone are true and alone can lead men to happiness...' (Correspondence de Napoleon Ist, N3148 (Uti sup.).

He was an ardent opponent of interest and compound interest. When shown a table of compound interest, he reflected and said: 

"It is astonishing that this monster interest has not devoured the whole of humanity. It would have done so long ago, had not revolution and bankruptcy acted as counter poison." (Quoted in, Lincoln, Money martyred)

The Battle of Waterloo was the result of his abolishing interest, and getting the French Sanhedrin, under Rabbi David Sindzsheim, to agree to its abolition. This went down like a lead balloon in the banking houses of Rothschild, and Wellington, Rothschild's agent, was dispatched to prevent a new exodus of slaves. Napoleon had recognised the superiority of Islam, which can be seen in his 'Code Napoleon', the present system of law in France, which, with the exception of family law, is entirely Islamic. And why, one British judge said that: 'In France they have courts of Justice, whilst we must contend with courts of law'."

Emmanuel Kant, and Goethe, were also converts to Islam. According to Thomas Carlyle, in 'Heroes and Hero Worship', Goethe said: 

"If this be Islam ...do we not all live in Islam?" (p.75 Macmillan, London, 1904 edition.)

There are many more points I wish to raise, but for the time being I will restrict myself to the above, and look forward to your comments with interest - the non monetary variety of course.

Author: David Musa Pidcock
Date Published: Jan 1995


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