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     The Ahmediyyah Movement



The Ahmediyyah movement against Islam 

Unlike some groups which were later used to divide the Muslim unity, the Ahmediyyah movement (named after Mirza Ghulam Ahmed from Qadian in India, and often also referred to as the Mirzai or the Qadianis) seems to have been purposefully begun for the explicit purpose of diffusing Indian Muslim opposition to British rule. The ambitious and self centred Ahmed, son of a local member of the British occupying army, was an ideal tool for starting this reform movement, which preached that the British Raj was closer to the proper understanding of Islam than the native practices: 

"Try to understand what Shariat (Islamic Law) really is. Simply it orders proper conduct and forbids indecency."

Soon the attempts at re-defining Islam progressed into developing a new religion altogether with its founder becoming its prophet and saviour. After his shameful death in the toilet, the organisation continued to be ruled by Caliphs from his clan. In reward for their services, and in recognition of their close proximity to Masonic institutions in India, the Ahmediyyah were rewarded handsomely with a favoured position in Britain and Europe. The first purpose built mosques in European capitals were built for them, the first translations of the Qur'an were published by them, usually with a preface exhorting the qualities of their founder, they were permitted to propagate their message and the individuals serving their cause often held well paid appointments in the administrative or legal system of the countries they had immigrated to.

When Mirza Ghulam Ahmed had declared himself a prophet, the Messiah, and even God, he came under heavy fire in India, and Muslims all over the world rejected his claims. To fool people successfully in their new missionary activities in Europe after the collapse of the East India Company and British colonial rule, their approach had to be more cunning. The open lies of their founder had to be covered up with the pretence of adhering to the Islamic doctrine, and only the inner circle of initiated were fully put into the picture. Even though Ahmed himself stated "I claim that I am Rasul and Nabi", members of the Ahmediyyah movement frequently try to give the impression that their founder never claimed to be a full prophet, as Islam states clearly that their shall be no more prophets after Muhammad, but that he simply received revelation within the framework of the original revelation of Muhammad, peace be upon him, in other words, inspiration as to what that original revelation means for us today. They conduct many a sophisticated argument around the question what the term "seal of the prophets" in the Qur'an literally means. They insist vociferously on being Muslims, and British institutions usually point to them on top of their lists of Islamic groupings and organisations. The truth is, however, that they have less to do with Islam than the Mormons have with the Catholic faith, and they themselves consider Muslims who do not belong to their organisation as disbelievers. The following quotes from Mirza Ghulam Ahmed himself show the gulf between his impostorous creed and Islam and make it clear that his British sponsors and abetters continue to insult the billion strong Muslim population of the world when listing the ­Ahmediyyah  under Islamic organisations.

"God, through His special mercy, sent a light from Heaven, and I am that light. I am the reformer, the appointed one, and the helped servant, the Mahdi of the time and the promised Messiah. I have been raised to a degree of honour that no man among you can understand."

"I am the promised Messiah whose coming was ordained for the last hours by Allah  the Wise  the Judge, and I am the blessed one, referred to in Surah al-Fatiha..."

"I was born of one of twins. The other twin born with me in this town was a girl. She died and I remained alive by the order of the Almighty One. there is no doubt that this birth was rare as compared with normal births. In addition I have been sent in two garbs, to live with two diseases, one is in my lower body (passing water excessively sometimes one hundred times in 24 hours) and the other is in my upper body (that I suffer giddiness and am prone to nervous spells). Thus my birth and life are more astonishing than the birth of Isa  and they are a miracle for all to behold."

"I am the Messiah of the time and I am Moses on whom God conferred His speech. I am Muhammad and Ahmed, the selected one."

"I was brought up as Maryam and remained veiled so for two years. Then after two years the soul of Isa was infused into me as it was infused into Mary  and I became pregnant (as a matter of metaphor). Then after some time (which did not exceed ten months) I was taken away from Maryam and was converted from Mary into Isa. It is thus that I became the son of Mary."

"In a visionary state I saw myself as a woman and God extended to me His power of intercourse. this is just an indication for the imaginative."

"My Lord has established the likeness between Adam and myself. Allah made me Adam and gave me all that was given to the Father of mankind."

"I am told that references to me are found in the Qur'an and Hadith: I am the symbol of the verse: 'God is He Who sent His Messenger with the guidance and the religion of truth, that He may cause it to prevail over all religions.'"

"How can I discard God's revelation which has been coming to me for the last twenty three years. I believe in this sacred revelation as I believe in the revelations before me."

"He who makes a distinction between me and al‑Mustafa (i.e prophet Muhammad) has neither recognised me nor has seen me."

"Whatever was given individually to each prophet has been collectively given to me."

"It is a fact that Muhammad worked only three thousand miracles. My miracles exceed tow millions in number."

"Do not compare me with any other or any other with me. Do not kill yourselves in doubt and argument. I am a kernel without a shell, a soul without a body and a sun which cannot be shadowed by any cloud. Try and find the like of me  you will fail even though you may sift through a fine sieve."

"I am given the power to cause death and to give life from the Lord, the all Powerful."

"I saw myself in a dream as God's eye and I believed that I was actually Allah, and in this state I said: 'I wish a new order a new heaven and a new earth.' Then I created heavens and earth; first in a very brief shape in which there was no division and no order. Then I divided that and put it in proper order which was a true purpose. I felt within myself the power of creation. Thereafter I created the earth and said: 'We have beautified the world's heavens with lamps.' The I said: 'Now we will create man from wet earth."

"God descended into me and I was a hidden treasure; so I wished to be recognised. He told me that I was a medium between Him and His creatures."

Given those blasphemies it should come as no surprise that his personal lifestyle and that of his helpers was a impious as his claims. Al Hafiz B.A. Masri, who in 1964 became the first Sunni Imam of the hitherto Ahmediyyah Woking mosque, describes the wickedness of the Khalifah of the movement in the early 1930s: 

"This demigod was in reality running a secret circle of fornication, adultery, incest and general debauchery. For this, he had organised a clique of pimps and procuresses. Most of the young men and women who were seduced were selected from such families as were economically dependent or fanatically brain - washed and, for various other reasons, were incapable of putting up any resistance. There were occasional cases of defiance, but they were easily silenced by the weapons of boycott, excommunication, systematic vilification and ostracism. The Mirza family was not only the spiritual head of the community but was also the owner of most of the land in and around the town of Qadian, as the Feudal Lords. Apart from religious allegiance, there was no security of the tenure of land for those families who had burned their boats to settle in the so called sacred precincts of Qadian. Under such circumstances it was unthinkable in those days for any one to fight back. Quite a few of those who did try to revolt met with apparently accidental deaths or simply vanished in thin air without trace."

The strategy of fooling Muslims and those interested in Islam by presenting a different, polished image to the outside, backfired of course. The propaganda of the Ahmediyyah got many Western people initially interested in Islam who then preferred the real thing for the pretence which they rejected. Thus any strategy by the disbelievers to distort the truth is bound to fail in the long run, confirming the saying of the prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, that Allah will help this religion of Islam even with the hands of the wrongdoer.

Author: Islamic Party of Britain
Date Published: Spring 1995


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