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     The Glory That Was Chrome



The Glory that was Chrome

The Decline & Fall of The Roman Empire

Part II

"Of all our passions and appetites, the love of power is the most imperious and unsociable nature, since the pride of one man requires the submission of the multitude."

Thus stated Edward Gibbon in Chapter 4 of his monumental work: "The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire", first published in 1776. In support of this, he makes the following observations about Emperor Commodus, whose statue bears a striking resemblance to Bill Clinton as well as his morals, or lack of them.

"Most of the crimes which disturb the internal peace of society are produced by the restraints which the necessary, but unequal, laws of property have imposed on the appetites of mankind, by confining to a few possessions of those objects that are coveted by many. Of all our passions and appetites, the love of power is the most imperious and unsociable nature, since the pride of one man requires the submission of the multitude. Yet Commodus was not, as he has been represented, a tiger born with an insatiate thirst of human blood, and capable, from his infancy, of the most inhuman actions. Nature had formed him of a weak, rather than a wicked, disposition. His simplicity and timidity rendered him the slave of his attendants, who gradually corrupted his mind. His cruelty, which at first obeyed the dictates of others, degenerated into habit, and at length became the ruling passion of his soul."

"Upon the death of his father, Commodus found himself embarrassed with the command of a great army, and the conduct of a difficult war against Quadi and Marcomanni. The servile and profligate youths whom Marcus had banished, soon regained their station and influence about the new emperor. They exaggerated the hardships and dangers of a campaign in the wild countries beyond the Danube; and they assured the indolent prince, that the terror of his name and the arms of his lieutenants would be sufficient to complete the conquest of the dismayed barbarians; or impose such conditions as were more advantageous. By a dextrous application to his sensual appetites, they compared the tranquillity, the splendour, the refined pleasures of Rome, with the tumult of a Pannonian camp [Pannoida was an ancient Roman province in central Europe occupying parts of modem Hungary and Yugoslavia], which afforded neither leisure nor materials for luxury. Commodus listened to their pleasing advice ... his triumphal entry into the capitol was deferred to the autumn. His graceful person, popular address, and imagined virtues, attracted the public favour, the honourable peace which he had recently granted to the barbarians diffused an universal joy his impatience to visit Rome was fondly ascribed to the love of his country and his dissolute course of amusements was faintly condemned in a prince of nineteen years of age ... The young prince and his profligate favourites revelled in all the licence of sovereign power, but his hands were yet unstained with blood; and he had even displayed a generosity of sentiment, which might have ripened into solid virtue. A fatal incident decided his fluctuating character.

One evening (in AD 183), as the emperor was returning to the palace after dark through a dark and narrow portico in the amphitheatre, an assassin, who waited his passage, rushed upon him with a drawn sword, loudly exclaiming, "The Senate sends you this." The menace (or shout) prevented the deed; the assassin was seized by the guards, and immediately revealed the authors of the plot; it had been formed not in the state, but within the walls of the palace itself. Lucilla, the emperor's sister, and widow of Lucius Versus, impatient of the second rank, and jealous of the reigning empress, had armed the murderer against her brother's life. She had not ventured to communicate the black design to her second husband Claudius Pompejanus, a senator of distinguished merit and unshaken loyalty but among the crowd of her lovers (for she imitated the manners of her mother Faustinia), she found men of desperate fortune and wild ambition, who were prepared to her more violent as well as tender passions. The conspirators experienced the rigor of justice, and the abandoned princess was punished, first with exile, and afterwards with death.

So, we can see that nothing has changed. Murder, betrayal, intrigue, adultery. The assassination of John F. Kennedy, and his brother Bobby, were acts of equal brutality. However, if the accounts of their lives are half accurate for we know from our own experiences at the hands of the media that the press cannot be relied upon to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth their hands were not entirely free from the blood of some of their close and intimate friends. Including Senator Edward Kennedy. Commodus would have found himself quite at home at the Cal Neva Lodge, at Lake Tahoe, on the California Nevada border in August or, perhaps more appropriately Augustus 5th, 1962 and could have aligned himself with the events and people officiating at the death of Marilyn Monroe who, like his sister Lucilla, we are told, was killed for her own particular list of "Dangerous secrets". Rumour has it, and circumstantial evidence would seem to confirm, that Marylin Monroe met her death at the hands of America's own Attorney General Bobby Kennedy, (a Neo Roman Senator) with whom she was having "an improper relationship" and a senior Mafia boss Sam Gancana. A recent book, entitled: The Assasination of Marylin Monroe, by Donald H. Wolfe, which reads like a real Greek tragedy  claims that Monroe received enough barbiturate to kill 15 people.

Bill Clinton, on the other hand, has been described, somewhat crudely, as a man caught between “a frock and a hard place", but, as another saying goes: "there is many a true word spoken in jest”. On Clinton's list of black marks he has the blood of Muslims in Afghanistan, Kosovo, and Sudan  to say nothing of U.S. duplicity in Palestine. Recent films, like "Wag The Dog" and "Primary Colors" expose shabby goings on in the Clinton White House and Administration. "Wag the Dog" tells the story of an American President in deep domestic trouble who creates a major incident abroad to divert attention away from himself. Another film, starring Jack Nicholson, is the story of an American President who kills his wife then uses the whole state apparatus to cover up his crime. Noarn Chomsky says that this is standard U.S. foreign policy based on brute force and ignorance. All very Machiavellian, all very American.

The genius of Roman Democracy was, and still is, its Machiavellian ability to divide and rule or divide and fool large numbers of people for most, if not all of the time. A view confirmed by CIA operative Miles Copeland in his autobiography, The Game Player. who intimated that President Roosevelt, "got the information”, about the impending attack, but allowed the fleet at Pearl Harbour to be destroyed: "in order to wake up an otherwise apathetic populus.” We published this and other facts in an earlier issue of Common Sense along with extracts from the diaries of U.S. Secretary of War, Stimson, that a week before the surprise attack on Pearl Harbour he, together with General Marshall, Admiral Stark and President Roosevelt mused over how they could "manoeuvre the Japanese in to firing the first shot."

Which brings us back to the issue of Clinton's crime against the American establishment which is primarily responsible for his trials and tribulations. The famous American author, Gore Vidal, believes that the Gemini Presidency of Bill and Hillary or Billary as they are called on Capitol Hill, signed their own death warrant when they announced plans for a National Health Service for America, He said, in an interview with Kirsty Lang of News Night, that the insurance industry was not in the habit of giving anything substantive back to its customers. The idea of a National Health Service has always been repugnant to them. For which reason Bill has to go. The public humiliation is part of their way of holding them up as a warning to others who may wish to do something good for the 40,000,000 Americans living on, or below the poverty line. Confirming the prospectors axiom that there is gold in their ills"

Finally, the recent events in the Oval office should come as no surprise to anyone who is aware of what the occult, pagan monuments in the American capital really mean. Particularly the Washington monument, which represents the permanently erect phallus of the Nile god, Ra Atum; "the rock that begot". Masonic lodges throughout America contributed 90,000 tons of hewn stone to construct the largest phallic obelisk in the world, recently been referred to as the Viagra Tower. Egyptian symbols have always glorified sexual gratification of an auto erotic nature. America is no exception and its own preoccupation with solar phallicism can be seen on the obverse side of the single dollar bill.

So what does it all mean? Augustus Caesar, carried obelisks from Egypt to Rome, as did the French and the British to Paris and London. American Freemasons carried the twin of the London obelisk from Alexandria in Egypt to Graywacke Knoll, in Central Park, New York, where, on October the 10th, 1880, it was inaugurated by the grand master of the Masons in the State of New York with 9,000 Masons and 30,000 other spectators witnessing the ceremonies. The ceremony was marked by a long speech by William Maxwell Evarts, then U.S. secretary of state, in which he thanked Egypt for its "generous gift" and praised Henry H. Gorringe for transporting it safely to the United States: Evarts spoke of the Assyrian, Roman, and Byzantine empires, they too had taken obelisks from Egypt, and their great civilizations, like that of Egypt herself had come to an end. What, he asked, would become of the civilizations of England, France, and the United States, which had so recently acquired obelisks? Gorringe replied: “Who indeed can tell what our nation will do if any perversity is possible of realisation; and yet this obelisk may ask us, 'Can you expect to flourish for ever? Can you think that the soft folds of luxury are to wrap themselves closer and closer around this nation and the pith and vigor of its manhood know no decay? Can it creep over you and yet the nation know no decrepitude?’ These are questions that may be answered in the time of the obelisk but not in ours".

100 years later, the answer is perfectly clear: America, like the earlier Super powers Egypt, Assyria, Byzantine, Rome, and its direct ancestor Britain is in terninal decline. Just like before the only legitimate superpower left in the world to fill the moral vacuum is Islam. It is up to us to rise to the challenge and defeat the magicians and pharaohs of this modern age.

Author: Islamic Party of Britain
Date Published: Autumn 1998

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