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A Word form the Leader: Devil’s Advocate? Vatican acquits Satan!


Islamic Party Leader David Musa Pidcock

The announcement by the Vatican that the devil should no longer be considered as a palpable, literal entity together with the Commons vote to cut the gay age of consent to 16, confirms the fact that:-

“The continuing genius of Satan lies in his ability to convince half the world that he does not exist and the other half that they are in no way under his influence.”

Had the Vatican – and the rest of Trinitarian Christianity – not abandoned the authentic teachings of Jesus in 325 AD, in favour of Paul’s false doctrine, they would not have become the spiritually deviant, flat-earth society we see today. As these authentic words of Jesus, peace be upon him, confirm:- “Verily I say unto you, Satan ever seeks to annul the Laws of God; and, therefore, he with his followers, hypocrites and evil doers – the former with false doctrine, the latter with lewd living – today have contaminated almost all things, so that scarcely is the truth found. Woe to the hypocrites; for the praises of this world will turn into the insults of hell.” (The Gospel of Barnabas)

Which leaves Islam as the last bulwark against the Vatican’s Anti-Christ-like machinations and Westminster’s system of false beliefs. Good & Evil reside in all of us. Satan, in his spiritual form resides in the blood-streams of all men, women and children. Therefore, as we become what we eat, this evil propensity can only be successfully controlled through prayers, fasting and abstinence from drugs and those other harmful and evil spirits – alcohol and pig meat. Alcohol, whilst an Arabic word which is originally derived from al-kuhul (antimony, or the essence of something), also brings up associations of al-Ghoul (an evil snatcher): which means that it snatches the minds of those who consume it, and they become Ghoul-like.

Ghoul, a word imported into the English language from Arabic, as defined by my spell-checker and dictionary means: Evil Spirit, Fiendish, Demonic, Devilish, Monster, Evil. It is impossible to deny that anyone who consumes alcohol in excess does not become the devil incarnate. Furthermore, as almost 76% of all crime is alcohol related (according to official figures) it is clear that we ignore al-Ghoul at our peril. Confirming, yet again, that Muhammad, the final messenger of Islam, was absolutely right when he taught us to: “Avoid alcohol and pork – for one leads to violence and the other to lewd and shameful acts”. But, alas, “man is in most things contentious.”

Author: David Musa Pidcock
Date Published: Winter 1999

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