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     State Terrorism Israeli Style - September 2001




During a BBC question time television programme a Muslim contributor summed it all up:

“Israel is a terrorist state” she said, “and America is harbouring and abetting terrorists”.

For some this may seem far-fetched, but the evidence points to a dangerous tango, America has been dancing with Israel who does not mind stabbing her ally in the back. "Arabs may have the oil, but we have the matches," said Sharon before he became prime minister. Notwithstanding all the talk about Iraqi weapon programmes, the only weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East  are in Israel, an American protectorate. As Israel's ordinary military prowess fails to put down the Palestinian uprising, their leader, Ariel Sharon, may well remove the country's nuclear arsenal from its nominal strategy of "last resort".

This prospect is raised by John Steinbach, a nuclear specialist whose previous work includes the mapping of  deadly radiation hazards in the United States. He quotes Israel's former president Ezer Weizman: 

"The nuclear issue is gaining momentum [and the] next war will not be  conventional."

From the 1950s, writes Steinbach in the current Covert Action Quarterly, 

"the US was training Israeli nuclear scientists and providing nuclear-related technology, including a small ‘research' reactor in  1955 under the 'Atoms for Peace' program".

It was France that built a uranium reactor and plutonium reprocessing plant in the Negev desert, called Dimona. The Israelis lied that it was "a manganese plant, or a textile factory". In return for uranium, Israel supplied South Africa with the technology and expertise that allowed the white supremacist regime to build the "apartheid bomb". In 1979, when US satellite photographs revealed the atmospheric test of a nuclear bomb in the Indian Ocean off South Africa, Israel's involvement, writes Steinbach, 

"was quickly whitewashed by a carefully selected scientific panel, kept in the dark about important details". Israeli sources have since revealed "there were actually three tests of miniaturised Israeli nuclear artillery shells".

Francis Perrin, the former head of the French nuclear weapons programme, wrote: 

"We thought the Israeli Bomb was aimed at the Americans, not to launch it at the  Americans, but to say, 'If you don't want to help us in a critical situation [when we] require you to help us … we will use our nuclear bombs'."  

When blackmailing America into support, Israel has shown in the past, that it does not stop at words. Three days after Israel launched its June 5, 1967, surprise attack on Egypt, it carried out a deliberate and sustained attack on the USS Liberty, with the objective of leaving no survivors.

Admiral Thomas H. Moorer, in a memo dated June 8, 1997 wrote,

"I am confident that Israel knew the Liberty could intercept radio messages from all parties and potential parties to the ongoing war, then in its fourth day, and that Israel was preparing to seize the Golan Heights from Syria despite President Johnson's known opposition to such a move."

Based on declassified transcripts of radio communications, survivor accounts, and interviews with others in the chain of command on the day of the attack, Mr. Bamford, author of "Body of Secrets: Anatomy of the Ultra-Secret National Security Agency from the Cold War Through the Dawn of a New Century," writes:

" On the morning of June 8, the Israeli military command received a report that a large American eavesdropping ship was secretly listening only a few miles off El Arish. At that same moment, a scant dozen or so miles away, Israeli soldiers were butchering civilians and bound prisoners by the hundreds, a fact that the entire Israeli army leadership knew about and condoned, according to the army's own historian…"

"At the time, Israel was loudly proclaiming to the United States, to the United Nations, and to the world that it was the victim of Egyptian aggression and that it alone held the moral high ground. Israel's commanders would not have wanted tape recordings of evidence of the slaughters to wind up on desks at the White House, the UN, or the Washington Post."

President Johnson awarded the Liberty a Presidential Citation for bravery under fire without naming its ally Israel as the attacker. Nor was it named as the armed attacker in the Medal of Honour given to the Liberty's captain.

As much as the hype against so-called Islamic terrorism is misguided, it would be wrong to describe Israeli terrorist policies as Jewish. Israel is run by secular Zionists about whom Rabbi of Neturei Karta says: 

“One hundred years ago, a Jew, far removed from his faith and in total ignorance of its basic beliefs, launched the movement today known as Zionism. Its early adherents were almost uniformly drawn from the ranks of Jews who had previously abandoned their faith.” 

At the World Conference against Racism in Durban he stated: 

“In the Additional Service recited on every major Jewish holiday we find the following prayer, "And because of our sins we were exiled from our land and removed from our soil and we cannot now go up and appear and prostrate ourselves before You." 

These prayers represented nothing new in the way of doctrine to those who instituted and recited them. From the time of the Temple's destruction and throughout Jewish history our people always regarded their exile as a Divine punishment. Indeed, no Jews ever dared suggest in the thousands of years of our exile that the Romans had destroyed the Temple due to a lack of Jewish military preparedness or resources. Rather, the Temple was lost physically because of the Jewish people's failure to live up to their spiritual obligations to God.” “We are called upon by Zionism to view all Arab nations as our enemies. We are forever exhorted to dwell on anti - Semitism, real and imagined, in order to justify the creation of the state and its subsequent aggressions. This obsession with wars, terror and counter terror, the subjugation of the Palestinians, reparations and claims upon all nations and ever wilder charges of anti-Semitism provide an inviting substitute for many Jews. This heresy was particularly tempting to Jews ignorant of Torah and due to historical and cultural forces, estranged from their faith. The costs of all this in terms of our true exilic tasks are staggering. In place of fulfilling our quiet role of being a "light unto the nations", we are forever dragged into a bloody conflict with the Palestinian people. Thousands of innocents on both sides continually suffer. Jewry worldwide has little time or patience for its primary task - the worship of God and its derivative benefit - the sanctification of His Name.”

“Beyond these factors, there remains the tragic fact that much of mankind sees the Israeli state as representative of the Jewish people. Thus, the state which has rejected or, at best, ignored God, conveys the message to humanity that the essence of Jewishness is a secular nationalism. Further, the claim of Israel to represent world Jewry links all of our people to the state's acts of violence against the Palestinian people. This is a frustrating and embarrassing lie.”

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