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     Time to get real about Israel




Even with a nuclear confrontation threatening to erupt between Pakistan and India (the Hindu fascists being helped by Israel’s military and intelligence cooperation in line with my enemy’s enemy is my friend’), Palestine events continue to dominate the headlines.

Having benefited from September 11 and the lack of concern over Zionist human rights abuses and excesses, Israel’s apartheid policy is back under scrutiny. Zionists don’t like any attention unless it portrays them as the victims, and when even the Jewish dominated media in the United States of America became critical of the brutal methods of the Sharon government, American Jewish organisations began organising a boycott of media which did not tow the line. This kind of arrogance, however, will increasingly alien ate them from world opinion, just as pride comes before the fall. Worried about the back lash of Israeli strong-arm tactics, many Jews have started speaking out against the terror of occupation. What is of ten for gotten, however, is that the Israeli state was founded on terror, that half a century of promises of making peace were hollow, and that the peaceful co existence of Arabs – Muslims and Christians – with Jews is impossible, as long as Israel continues to exist as a state built on Zionist supremacy which has no room for other people whom it considers as inferior. Instead of a two state solution – a dominant Zionist state, with impotent Palestinian Bantustans under alleged self-rule – the whole of Palestine has to be given back to its original people, and only those descendants of the original Jewish immigrants who are willing to live as equal citizens with all inhabitants of the new state should be allowed to remain there. 

The creation of Israel was one of the greatest con-tricks in history, where the same powers of the day who armed and financed Hitler Germany then made an innocent Palestinian people pay for the excesses of Germany’s military machine. Since then, this illegitimate state has been artificially kept alive by American tax dollars. However, no political settlement achieved at gun point is going to stop people demanding justice, no amount of denunciation will make Palestinians give up their rightful claim for their country and accept occupation, and under no circumstances will Muslims give up their claim on Jerusalem, even if Arafat and his Palestinian authority were to sign it away. 

To discredit the Muslim claim, even they, descendants of Abraham through Isma’il, have been branded anti-Semites, and the fact that the majority of Jews now living in Israel do not descend from Semitic ancestors, but from the Caucasian Khazar tribe who converted to Judaism 1200 years ago, has been well hidden from the unsuspecting public, because it diminishes the Zionists’ claim, that they were re turning to the land of their forefathers. It is time that we call a spade a spade and begin unraveling the interwoven fabric the Zionist propaganda machine has spun over the last century. Justice demands no less, and what is more, world peace depends on it. This issue of Common Sense is in tended to help us learn from history and get real, and to help us doing so we include plenty of Jewish voices. For it is not Judaism, which is the problem, but Zionism, which is an aberration of Judaism promoted by secular people for political ends.

Author: Islamic Party of  Britain
Date Published: June 2002

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