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     The Wrongful Exploitation of Human Rights



Below is the text of an editorial by Common Sense editor Sahib Mustaqim Bleher for issue 20 (Spring 1997) on the topic of Human Rights.

The Wrongful exploitation of Human Rights

Western governments and the UN continue to use one of their most powerful propaganda weapons: the appeal to the human conscience. It was the surging awareness of the genocidal brutality against innocent and helpless people which forced the United States to withdraw from their playing field in Vietnam, and vowing not to let this Vietnam syndrom obstruct their path again, they made sure that they placed a tighter control on the public perception of their exploits. The same wars for the benefit of the arms industry, as well as in the political interest of the Zionist lobby surrounding most Western governments, are now fought in the name of human rights against some powerless third world tyrant most frequently installed by American agencies.

Wars, and the threat of war, are good for business. Yet with the dream of global control coming ever closer, the policy makers of the self-styled "international community" become more dearing in showing their true colours. In true keeping with Talmudic teachings on the superiority of the Jew for whom all non-Jews are of lesser value than animals, newly-appointed American secretary of state Madeleine Albright (alias Maria Jana Korbel, born a Jew, baptised a Catholic, now an Episcopalian, and brought up in Serbia) summed up the inhumane frame of mind of the American administration when asked by Leslie Stah in a 'Sixty Minutes' broadcast on 12 May 1996 (whilst she was US ambassador at the UN): "We have heard that a half million children have died (as a result of sanctions against Iraq). I mean, that is more children than died in Hiroshima. And, you know, is the price worth it?" Albright responded: "I think this is a very hard choice, but the price, we think the price is worth it".

The price is also worth it for former British foreign secretary Douglas Hurd who helped in the carve-up of Bosnia-Herzegovina and has now been rewarded with a directorial post at Nat-West Bank, reaping the benefits of the loot with rebuilding contracts. The price is worth it for British arms dealers on whose behalf Baroness Chalker appears to be helping in the destabilisation of Central Africa, just as it was worth it for Baroness Thatcher's son Mark in the Falklands and in the Gulf. The price is worth it for American, British and French oil companies who have vested interests in Sudan, Rwanda or Algeria. And this is precisely the cynicism of those carrying the banner of civilisation and human rights: that they know the price of everything, but the value of nothing. It is the culmination of a materialist and god-less society.

Francis Boyle, on behalf of the government of Bosnia-Herzegovina had charged all the leading nations of today's world with aiding and abetting genocide, and the suit was only withdrawn from the world court under protest and upon immense pressure by the American, British and other European governments. His comments are a clear indictment of the values allegedly upheld in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: "Hence, except for the Bosnians, everyone mentioned above wants this World Court lawsuit to disappear from the face of the earth. For they are all guilty of complicity in genocide... It does not appear that Bosnia's lawsuit will survive much longer. If and when Bosnia is forced to drop its World Court lawsuit for genocide against the rump Yugoslavia, then the negation of the international legal order will be total and shameless. The so-called Western powers and the United Nations will have confirmed their complete moral bankruptcy and gross legal hypocrisy for the rest of the world to see everyday in the former Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina."

Where human rights are regularly being abused, but where there are no vested interests of the UN or Western powers, where there are no natural resources to be looted, and where exposing atrocities does not help in a wider political agenda, the facts don't even make it into the papers. Kosovo is such an example, where people are regularly killed, maimed, tortured, beaten up, expropriated. Neither Baroness Chalker nor Jewish foreign secretary Malcolm Rifkind are ever heard talking about it. The former is too busy carving up Sudan into three separate entities, the latter is still working hard for the Dayton agreement to complete the job the Serb and Croat armies could not finish: to divide the disabled remainder of Bosnia-Herzegovina amongst the republics of Serbia and Croatia as well as to protect the protagonists of both sides from prosecution for war crimes just in case these British proteges might point the fingers at their pay-masters. And the American and British armies continue to be stationed in the former Yugoslavia to make sure that Bosnia does not recover, blatantly ignoring constant violations of the Dayton agreement by the other two sides.

Western democracies are not interested in humans or humanity. They are interested in power and have devised a system by which this shameless power can hide behind perceived public approval. Meanwhile, there won't be any repetition of the student revolts of the seventies. Economic pressures make sure that ordinary people keep out of politics and mind their own business. The phrase of human rights has a hollow ring not only abroad, but also at home.

Allah tells us in the Qur'an that He has bestowed dignity upon the children of Adam, and that is the precise quality which is missing from the man-made declaration of human rights. A materialist society, denying the spiritual dimension of man, endeavours to protect him from bodily harm or loss of property, but is helpless against injuries to the soul. The preservation of morality is not amongst the rights protected, nor is the safety from ridicule or humiliation. Character assassination, a common sport in the media, is only libellous when it results in material damage. The right to education is geared to the supply of a skilled workforce to various industries; it is no longer intended to produce a sound and balanced personality. Human society, on a global level, is increasingly bankrupt, morally and materially, as the failure to consider the rights of coming generations has led to an excessive depletion of natural resources. The time is near where Islam, irrespective of the vast number of Muslims whose Islamic dynamics have been dismembered by having been taken in by a secular worldview in all but personal beliefs, will once more pose a fundamental challenge to the world, the invitation to return to a vision of humanity as purposeful creation of Allah, empowered only by His guidance. No wonder the Zionists in the UN and the American and British administrations have started to become worried and are busy to create the fear of Islam in their populations. Yet, as a thesis fails when based on wrong assumptions, their admittedly clever calculations will equally come to naught, as they plot, and Allah plots, but Allah is better in plotting.

Author: Sahib Mustaqim Bleher
Date Published: Spring 1997


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