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Youth Policy

In the name of Allah the compassionate, the merciful.

We could all agree, without argument, that the youth of today are the future of the nation and the world. Yet the role of youth and their influence In society is by no means limited to their potential as the "grown ups" of tomorrow. Youth form a vital part of society, influencing, often forming and shaping its concepts,culture and policies.

It is also true to say that the concepts and culture of a society play a vital role in shaping and moulding the youth. If the youth are exposed to the harmful negative concepts of life, the behaviour of the youth will follow. The success and viability of a society can only bejudged by the condition of its people, and by no means should this be limited to economic conditions. There is little advantage in a society of opulence when it is rotting in moral decadence. The society whose individuals live on a diet of fantasy and intoxication as the means of escaping the hardships of life breed children to whom these things become the sole purpose of existence. These youth will project the same concepts to society, and so the vicious circle begins.

The secular society in which we live today is an active example of this. We see the youth of today and understand the potentially horrifying consequences for the world of tomorrow. Children are exposed to video and television pictures of horrifying brutality, and their minds and souls are numbed to the real torture and oppression that is taking place. A society where bored youth take to rape and brutal assault as a means of entertainment, confused by drugs and music culture that inflames passions and dulls intellect. Their religious leaders are weak, compromising and corrupt, the political leaders reek of hypocrisy and self interest. Spiritually empty, the youth unthinkingly seek satisfaction in the distractions of the consumer society promoted by a media whose interest is not in the well being of mankind but actually in further promoting the false ideals of the consumer society on which their own existence depends. The solution does not lie in making partial adjustments nor in violent revolution. The first leads to temporary cures, but fails to cure the disease, the second causes brief enthusiasm but soon reverts to the same or a even worse situation. The reason for man's failure to provide himself with a philosophy, culture and way of life that ensures his continued peaceful, prosperous and morally sound existence is that man is simply incapable of such a momentous task. This is because we are incapable of achieving the correct and complete understanding of our minds, our environment and the necessary balance between the two. Thus the call for the youth of the world to adopt the only viable alternative, guidance from Allah.

Islam offers a system that ensures justice, peace, stability and prosperity for all those who live within it, be they believer or non-believer, Muslim, Christian, Jew, Buddhist, Hindu or atheist. Our policies are not limited to the betterment of Muslims alone, but of all humanity, regardless of sex or creed, race or colour. Indeed we would expect from the Muslim the spirit of self sacrifice by which he deprives himself in order to help others.

It is the duty of any Islamic government to provide its citizens with shelter, food and clothing. It will be one of our priorities to ensure that youth are housed and provided with employment, or some constructive occupation. We must address ourselves to the fact of the depressed state of youth today, and aim at solving this problem by preparing them to face and solve the challenges of the world today. Since the overall policy of the Islamic Party of Britain must be to create a society that harmonises with our environment and so fulfill our duty to our Creator the youth will have a vital role to play in such an important, complex, and massive task.

Another priority must be to destroy the false and evil concepts of racism and nationalism amongst the youth. The government should encourage all youth to travel to different countries, meet and work with other youth from around the world. Such activities could be promoted as forming an integrated part of the education system.

We shall also make higher education available to more people of all ages. Youth must be encouraged to be as well educated as possible. At the same time continued study should by no means present an obstruction to starting family life. We must also filter out from university life some of its more evil influences, without dulling the spirit of free and innovative thought. We also aim to bring the youth out doors. Increasing the knowledge and awareness of the intricacy, beauty and power in God's creation will encourage them to care for it and help preserve it. Sports such as horse riding, swimming, archery and shooting, martial arts, flying, sailing should be made available to youths of all the community and not restricted to the few who can afford it. School education, for example, could involve regular attendance of a youth organisation similar to the Scouts. With such policies, God willing, we can go a long way to solving many of the problems that confront our society, and indeed humanity as a whole.

Islam is the solution to the world's problems. No other religion, way of life or culture can possibly succeed, because only truth can satisfy the soul of humankind, and only the guidance, laws, and concepts taught to us by God are capable of achieving just balance. Much of the misery and despair of the youth is caused by a spiritual emptiness which the religion and practices of this society leave unfulfilled. Disillusion and disgust is inevitable in a world where material possessions are valued more than human beings. Thus to fill that emptiness they take to drugs, drink music and violence. Islam fills that emptiness and provides complete practical moral guidance. Many are now coming to the fold of Islam. One of our main objectives must be to convey this to the youth of today. The Muslim youth especially have the duty to practice and pass on the message of Islam, and themselves must understand that Islam is not limited to mosques and madrassahs, but affects all parts of their life, and they must be infused with the love for and spirit of jihad. We must organise effective da'wa, and Muslim children whether at primary or university level, must be inculcated with the need for and the knowledge of how to perform this vital task.

Hope lies with the youth. Man was created righteous, with the instinctive urge to do good. Exposure to the pollutants of an evil and corrupt society cloud that instinct. If we wish to find pure water we search for the source. So with man, it is in the youth we must look to establish the pure faith, and so carry the struggle to on-coming generations. The party has a vital role to play in firing the enthusiasm of our youth, and bringing them towards the understanding of our duty to establish the law of Allah on this earth, and that all considerations be they personal or financial must be secondary to this.

Victory comes from Allah.

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