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     Global Depression



Global Depression

Upon being re-elected, American president Bill Clinton repeated his slogan that was meant to win the imagination and support of the American people: 

"We will build a bridge to the year 2000." 

Meanwhile, the construction work for this bridge into the new millennium is well underway, and Clinton is a mere tool within the larger project. America as a nation state is paving the way, but will itself be obliterated in the grand design of achieving global government. There are two strains to this restless effort which has been going on almost un-noticed by most over many decades: the political agenda is dominated by the UN and non-governmental organisations (NGO) affiliated to it, whereas the monetary control over the world's resources is spearheaded by multi-national concerns in liaison with banking institutions and central banks independent from even the slightest government interference.

The dream is an old one. In 1962 David Ben-Gurion predicted that in the late 80's the United Nations would: 

"build a shrine of the prophets in Jerusalem" to "serve the federated union of all continents; this will be the seat of the supreme court of mankind, to settle all controversies among the federated continents". 

The USA have already accepted Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish state, and the UN has repealed its resolution equating Zionism with racism. The UN had to give some consideration to its affiliated member states to become established, but all along it followed a different plan. As David Ben-Gurion said in 1948: 

"The United Nations is a Jewish ideal."

And US Congressman James B. Utt wrote in his book about the UN "The Fearful Master": 

"The United Nations has strict double standards which guide it through its devious treacherous path to world domination."

Now that the United Nations has reached its prominent position in world affairs after stepping up on the backs of nations states foolishly hoping for a world in which all nations would come together as equals, the power brokers of the world are ready to dispense with the support of individual nations. The UN-funded Commission on Global Governance has just completed its three-year study and has vowed to establish global governance by the year 2000. The legal process of dismantling the sovereign rights of all nations will begin with a sham greater than Versailles, the Nuremberg Trials, or the Oslo Accord: the World Conference on Global Governance scheduled for 1998. A key part will be played by UN-accredited environmental agencies, as it is the fear of the destruction of the environment which will be most effective in coercing people to support a surrender to global control. The report calls for the implementation of a new "global civic ethic" based on a set of core values called the new "earth ethic". It will replace all legal, cultural, political, religious or philosophical codes of practice.

Governance of the world would be placed into the hands of a UN Trusteeship Council consisting of hand picked individuals from UN-accredited non-governmental organisations. They would be in charge of "the global commons" defined as "the atmosphere, outer space, the oceans, and the related environment and life support systems that contribute to the support of human life", in other words, everything, total control. This is not fiction, as the UN already controls all existing environmental treaties, plays world policeman in all corners of the world, and has since the gulf war given itself the right to interfere in sovereign matters of member states. There will also be a new Economic Security Council in charge of the worlds financial activities, amassing the power currently vested into the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the World Trade Organisation within a single body, funded by a levy of .05 percent on all international financial transactions, providing the UN with an immense budget of well over a trillion US dollars per annum.

Economically, no government of the world can any longer be described as sovereign. All of them have given in to the fraudulent world monetary system in which governments delegate the right to issue money to the central bank from which they then borrow that very money against government issued bonds and collect taxes to make everybody pay the interest on these sums. Thomas Edison exposed the fraud by saying: 

"I the government can print bonds, it can print currency." 

Those central banks which are allegedly a safeguard against the political misuse of a nation's financial decisions, are run by representatives of international banking institutions who owe no allegiance to anybody but themselves. Banks and international corporations, whose individual spending power well exceeds that of most individual nations in the world, obviously have a lot of political clout, and by shifting their funds they can blackmail and bully governments, not just in the Third World. The economy of Ford, for example, is larger than that of Saudi Arabia or Norway, and the annual sales of Philip Morris exceed the gross domestic product of New Zealand, says Daniel Brandt in an article on Transnationals in a Global Society. Nor are these corporations subject to any democratic control, and most of them are run on a totalitarian and hierarchical leadership model. By controlling the media through the vast sums of money spent on their PR machines they also dictate public opinion. The Rockefellers' attempt to kill all competition in the oil market can be presented to the public as a fight for freedom and democracy against a despotic ruler in the Middle East, who by the way was most probably put their by themselves to play his devious role. Alex Carey summed it up thus: 

"The twentieth century has been characterised by three developments of great political importance: the growth of democracy, the growth of corporate power, and the growth of corporate propaganda as a means of protecting corporate power against democracy."

The law will no longer be any redress against such enterprise. According to the American constitution the Federal Reserve Board is illegal, and so is the money issued by it which plunges America ever deeper into debt. When Kennedy tried to change this by signing executive order 11,110, issuing some 4 billion of United States Treasury Notes replacing Federal Reserve notes, he met the tragic consequences of confronting the global movers. However, national law will anyway be a thing of the past. The United Nations will have an International Court of Criminal Justice with an independent prosecutor or panel of prosecutors who "act independently and not seek or receive instructions from any government or other source." They will have the power to prosecute any individual to "ensure compliance with the rules of society." And in matters of war, the UN Secretary-General will become "Commander-in-Chief". The "New Dawn" of Huxley's "Brave New World" is round the corner. When the hype about the millennium comes full swing, believers in a different, absolute creed, that is those who are still capable of thinking for themselves, should be ready. It won't be an easy ride.

Author: Islamic Party of Britain
Date Published: Autumn/Winter 1996


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