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     Jewish Freemasons Toppled Caliphate



Masonic the Hedgehog

Jewlsh Freemasons Toppled Caliphate

Salonica-Masonica - With devices and deceptions reminiscent of the labyrinthine obstacle courses set for the participants in the computer game 'Sonic the Hedgehog' the reign of Abdul Hamid II, the last Caliph of Islam, was brought to an end. Having taken control of Constantinople in a silent coup in July 1908, the 70,000 Semitic and 20,000 Donmeh, i.e. non‑Semitic Jewish Freemasons from Salonica took over the reins of power.

According to Coils' Masonic Encyclopedia, page 74, "The Grand Orient of Turkey was formed in 1908". In April 1909, the Young Turks - which was an entirely Jewish movement - rose in revolt and engineered his deposition. From that time until his death on February the 11th 1918, Abdul Hamid was a state captive. These events fulfill, to the letter, the prophecy of Rasulallah that 70,000 sons of Isaac (i.e. Semitic Jews) would conquer Constantinople without a shot being fired or a blow being struck, followed, within six years, by "The Great War" (1914-1918), then "The Arab Revolt which would enter every Arab house, followed by mutual hostilities between the Arabs." So this issue of Common Sense looks at Freemasonry, and Muslim readers may ask: Why this "obsession" with freemasonry. They will have swallowed the lie that Freemasonry is a weird relic of the past, a pass-time of queer men who only join because they derive some mutual benefit in business. Far from it, freemasonry was, and is, the tool by which society continues to be controlled. From American Presidents to British judges or parliamentarians, they are not entangled in masonry by accident. Every major city of the world is full of Masonic symbolism, and the Muslim world is no exception. Freemasonry is a religion, the old religion of witchcraft, the forbidden faith the children of Israel learned at Babylon. Freemasonry is a tool of the masters of the Jewish Kabbalah to make use of the inititated gentiles in excerting control for their benefit Why then, we may wonder, does it now come under fire? 

To believe recent press reports, the British parliament is going to run an investigation into Freemasonry. Worried about increasing public awareness of police corruption, the Association of Chief Police Officers called upon the government to introduce a new law making it compulsory for members of the police to register their membership in a masonic organisation. They state that there is a conflict of interest if a member of the judiciary or the police belongs to an organisation in which they are bound by oath to assist their fellow brethren ahead of all other commitments. How come that Freemasonry, if it is so all permeating and secretive, cannot protect itself from coming under the spotlight and being curbed in this way? The answer is a simple one: Those who want to control the world and the destiny of man are now bold enough to drop the disguise. They think they have all but achieved their aim. They do no longer need the false dualism of American capitalism and (American-sponsored) Sowjet communism to keep people in fear and obedience. They do no longer need freemasons to organise the gentiles. They do no longer need to pretend to want peace when they go for the full-scale oppressive submission of peoples. They are ready to take direct global control: world government seems no longer a distant dream. Muslims know that the dabblers in magic have no share of the hereafter. Muslims know that only the pure truth can confront the tricks of the tricksters. Yet, to stand up for the truth requires the courage of one's convictions, a quality conspicuous by its absence amongst most Muslim leaders who have been caught in the intriguing web of those who wield financial and political power.

Author: Islamic Party of Britain
Date Published: Autumn/Winter 1996


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