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What then is Freemasonry?

The following letter was sent to the United Grand Lodge of England in August 1995, requesting answers to certain questions which have been ignored or avoided by Masonic authorities for centuries. A year later some unsatifactory answers were received, in a roundabout way, from Mr. R.A. Gilbert, a leading Masonic historian in charge of Freemasonry's 'Premier Lodge of Masonic Research: Ars Quatuour Coronati', following his request, for review purposes, of: Satanic Voices - Ancient & Modern, which he received together with a copy of the following correspondence. Needless to say he was not too happy with the contents of either.

For the attention of Mr.John Hamill, Curator and Librarian, United Grand Lodge of England.

Dear Mr.Hamill,

Having spent the past forty years observing the actions of Freemasons from a somewhat unique vantage point and the last twenty of those forty studying the origins and rituals of Craft, Ancient and Accepted Scottish, and Grand Orient Masonry, etc., it is now possible to challenge your claims, and those of your colleagues like Commander Michael Bernard Shepley Higham, that Freemasonry is not merely an adjunct to religion, but a religion  in and of itself. And, furthermore, a religion with origins much earlier than 1717A.D. and far, far older than Anthony Sayer, your first Grand Master.

Whilst recognizing fully, that ignorance can be bliss for some, with error continuing to delight the hearts of its masonic followers  for what else could explain their blind adherence to it on the one hand, whilst admitting complete ignorance of its true origins on the other (The Guardian (30/7/95)?  However, as Muslims, we must defend your right to believe in what ever faith you choose; for the Qur'an clearly states, there can be no compulsion in religion. However, at the same time, we cannot condone the use of disinformation to try and discredit those who have worked earnestly to bring to your notice and to the attention of a wider public, the preposterous errors (no matter how agreeable or 'sublime') being passed off as eternal truths by organizations such as yours. It is true, that some of those who abandoned freemasonry (finding it repellent, having taken the time to check its origins), may have been robust in their denunciations of the Order. Others, who  having studied most if not all of its published and some of its unpublished data  came to a more polite conclusion, describing Freemasonry as a cult, derived from  "a non-divine, non-celestial source." However, without the more recent disclosures by Masonic insiders, and insiders from similarly secretive organizations, it was not possible to prove, in black and white, with absolute certainty and beyond 'all reasonable doubt'; that the rituals used by members of the Masonic Craft and other Masonic degrees today, are merely the disguised,  sanitised versions, of those found in the covens of the 'Old Religion', which was practiced prior to the founding of Grand Lodge in 1717. In other words 'Masonic', 'Masonry' and 'Craft' are euphemisms or abbreviations to describe the 'Old Religion of Wicca', the cult of 'Cunning Men'. Therefore, it can now be stated, categorically, and without fear of further contradiction, that the 'Masonic Craft' and its other branches and degrees, are simply 'Witch Craft' by another name, albeit of the all male variety.

Now, of course, I hear you say that: "this is an old charge".  And, yes, it may well be  'an old anvil that has worn out a many hammers'.  But, as mentioned, the new evidence validates the perennial arguments contained in the works of modern writers like Martin Short, and the much maligned Nesta H. Webster, to say nothing of Walton Hannah's 'Darkness Visible' and 'Christian by Degrees', which sets out the anti‑Masonic case very well indeed. However, in his case, he laments as blasphemous the utilisation of certain New Testament passages as part of Masonic ritual, on the other hand, Islam takes the view, that the New Testament words in question are similarly erroneous, and constitute a blasphemy in themselves.

But putting that aside for the moment. The supreme paradox in all of Hannah's  scholarship is that whilst he saw clearly the errors in Freemasonry and defended himself admirably in 1956, against what he called the "Masonic‑Fundamentalism" of Arthur Brown and Professor G.W.H. Lampe, elegantly pointing out that Mr. Brown was not a sufficient theologian "to realise that heterodoxy almost always resembles orthodoxy, sometimes very closely, and often trades off the resemblance". And yet, having said that, he, himself, failed unfortunately to recognise the heterodox nature of the "Fourth Gospel," as clearly as he had recognised the heterodoxy of the "The Eighteenth [Rose Croix] Degree."  As a former Roman Catholic myself, one could say, that having given up Anglicanism, and going over to Roman Catholicism, Hannah, made the classic error of 'jumping out of the frying pan into the fire'. Hopefully, he discovered in time, the similarities between Roman Catholicism, Freemasonry and the 'Old Pagan' sacraments of Witchcraft. In the light of which, Romany‑Catholicism, would perhaps be a more suitable epithet to describe the rituals authorised by the Vatican. Hannah, would have been horrified to read Aleister Crowley's allegations that there was no incompatibility between the rituals of Freemasonry, Catholicism, and, as we shall see, the Coven. He said:

"As freemasonry has been 'exposed' every few minutes for the last century or so, and as any laymen can walk into a masonic shop and buy the complete Rituals for a few pence, the only omissions being of no importance to our present point, it would be imbecile to pretend that the nature of the ceremonies of Craft masonry is in any sense a 'mystery'. There is, therefore, no reason for refraining from the plain statement that, to anyone who understands the rudiments of symbolism, the Masters degree is identical with the Mass. This is in fact the real reason for the papal anathema; for freemasonry asserts that every man is himself the living, slain and re-risen Christ in his own person. It is true that not one mason in ten thousand in England is aware of this fact; but he has only to remember his 'raising' to realise the fundamental truth of the statement. Well may Catholic and Freemason alike stand appalled at the stupendous blasphemy which is implied... For the 'sacrifice of the Innocent' celebrated alike in Lodge and in cathedral is this identical murder of the Master of the Fellow Craftsmen... [Hiram Abiff]" [The Confessions of Aleister Crowley.p.699]

Blasphemy indeed. On the subject of Hiram Abiff, Liddell has this contribution to make in Chapter Nine: "Lucifer was deemed to be 'the  indwelling spirit' in the human mechanism. The fall of angels was correctly understood to represent the incarnation of Divinity in carnal flesh. The allegory concerning the sons of God and the 'daughters of men' (Genesis O.T.) is yet another attempt to explain the mystery whereby Divinity became associated with flesh. Many English Freemasons have stressed that the Hiramic legend peculiar to the Compagonnage is different from the legend obtaining in the British Masonic fraternity. This is hardly surprising; Hiram Abiff is a euphemism for Lucifer, the solar force. Clerical prejudice ensured that the original Craft (Masonic) legend was modified to extol a human being rather than the much maligned Lucifer [ a Jinn or Genie].  Indeed the allegory of the Tower of Babel is yet another corruption of a similar theme from the Saracen Mysteries... medieval witches and English Freemasons substituted 'Nimrod' for the name of Lucifer. Nimrod is a generic term for the struggle of the 'indwelling god' who would aspire to Heaven. Lucifer as the informing entity in humankind can be equated with Nimrod... Most Freemasons would be startled to learn that Nimrod and the Tower of Babel were [originally] one of the pivots of the (Masonic) Craft legend... our first most excellent Grand Master is declared to be King Nimrod himself, the builder of that [in]famous Tower and it was he, not King Solomon, who is said to have given the operative Masons of his day their first 'Charge'."

It would, therefore, seem that the main reason for the continuing hostility between Freemasonry and the Vatican, was and still is, as Crowley described it, the mutual struggle for market‑share. An extension of the hostilities existing elsewhere between 'competing brothers', who, he said, were: "divided by sectarian squabbles about jurisdiction." Speaking of Crowley, you may remember, that we were introduced by Ellic Howe, author of, amongst other works:  'The Magicians of The Golden Dawn' and 'Astrology: A Recent History...of its Role in World war II'.  The introduction took place at a Masonic Fringe gathering at Regent's College in London, which was organized in part by The Most Honourable Marquess of Northampton, Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies at your United Grand Lodge, to commemorate the centenary of the founding of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. A function which you addressed and one which I attended as an observer with Martin Short. Needless to say, it was a brief encounter. On the other hand, our discussions with Bro. Howe, were much longer and quite amicable, in spite of his veiled threat that he was still gifted in the art of black propaganda and capable of resuming his old wartime activities against us if we delved too far into Masonic matters. Apart from being surprised at the time (by the way, it would no longer surprise me) to see the Chief  Librarian and Curator of the Museum of Grand Lodge Library and Master of Quatuor Coronati Lodge No.2076, freemasonry's 'Premier Lodge of Research', namely yourself and Ellic Howe, participating in a public gathering of such a notorious Occult Satanic order as the Golden Dawn, dedicated to uphold, amongst other things, 'The Pagan Rites of Spring', and 'Vedic, Fire Worship'. The biggest surprise, however, was discovering that your Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies played a part in organizing it. Which begs the question: How is it possible, with all the information at your disposal, and access to all the relevant data, for you not to have drawn the conclusion that the origins of Freemasonry prior to 1717 were, and still are, rooted firmly and exclusively in Witchcraft and Ritual Magic?

The new evidence, which I mentioned, is to be found in a recent book entitled: 'The Pickingill Papers ‑ The Origins of the Gardnerian Craft'  by W.E. Liddell and Michael Howard. Published in 1994 by Capall Bann Publishing, ISBN 1898307105.  But, before discussing this particular work, and for the benefit of a wider readership, I wish to refresh your memory as to: 'The Purpose of the Golden Dawn', and the credentials of its founder members. Quoting from the Order's own history lecture, Israel Regardie, in his book: "What You Should Know About The Golden Dawn", states on page 7:

"The Order of the Golden Dawn is an Hermetic Society whose members are taught the principles of Occult Science and the Magic of Hermes... Prominent among the Adepti of our Order and of public renown were Eliphas Levi the greatest of modern French magi; Ragon, the author of several books of occult lore; Kenneth M. Mackenzie, author of the famous and learned Masonic Encyclopaedia; and Frederick Hockley possessed of the power of vision in the crystal, and whose manuscripts are highly esteemed. These and other contemporary Adepti of this Order received their knowledge and power from predecessors of equal and even of greater eminence. They received indeed and have handed down to us their doctrine and system of Theosophy and Hermetic Science and the higher Alchemy from a long series of practised investigators whose origin is traced to the Fratres Roseae Crucis of Germany, which association was founded by one Christian Rosenkreutz about the year 1398 A.D...."

"The Rosicrucian revival of Mysticism was but a new development of the vastly older wisdom of the Qabalistic Rabbis and of that very ancient secret knowledge, the Magic of the Egyptians, in which the Hebrew Pentateuch tell you that Moses the founder of the Jewish system was 'learned', that is, in which he had been initiated."

Regardie then informs us on page 8: "In a slender but highly informative booklet entitled 'Data of the History of the Rosicrucians' published in 1916 by the late Dr.William Wynn Westcott, we find the following brief statement: 'In 1887 by permission of S.D.A. [Sapiens Dominabitur Astris  i.e, Fraulein Anna Sprengel of Nuremberg] a continental Rosicrusian Adept, the Isis Urania Temple of Hermetic Students of the G.D. [Golden Dawn] was formed to give instructions in the medieval Occult sciences. Fratres M.E.V. [Dr.William Robert Woodman, an eminent 19th century Freemason],  with S.A. [Sapere Aude  i.e, Dr.W.W.Westcott, antiquarian, scholar, Freemason, and coroner by profession], and S.R.M.D [S. Rhiogail Ma Dhream  i.e, S.L. MacGregor Mathers  translator of  'The Greater Key of King Solomon', the 'Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage' and 'The Qabalah Unveiled'], became the chiefs, and the latter wrote the rituals in modern English from old Rosicrucian mss [manuscripts], (the property  of  S.A.) supplemented by his own literary researches.'"

"In these two statements", says Regardie, "is narrated the beginning of the Hermetic Order of the Golden dawn  an organisation which has exerted a greater influence on the development of Occultism since its revival in the last quarter of the 19th century than most people can realise. There can be little or no doubt that the Golden Dawn is, or rather was until very recently, the sole depository of magical knowledge, the only Occult Order of any real worth that the West in our time has known, and a great many other occult organisations owe what little magical knowledge is theirs to leakages issuing from that Order and from its renegade members... The membership of the Golden Dawn was recruited from every circle... concerning its membership as a whole the writer will have nothing to say, except perhaps... it is common knowledge that W.B. Yeates, Arthur Machen and, if rumour may be trusted, the late Arnold Bennett were at one time among its members, together with a good many other writers and artists... As an organisation, it preferred always to shroud itself in an impenetrable cloak of mystery."  For a long time, the beginnings of the 'Golden Dawn', and the origins of Freemasonry, were equally as 'Mysterious': "How the actual beginning came to pass," says Israel Regardie, "is not really known. Or rather, because of so many conflicting stories and legends the truth is impossible to discover. At any rate so far as England is concerned, without a doubt we must seek for its origins in the Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia. This was an organisation formulated in 1865 by eminent Freemasons, some of them claiming Rosicrucian initiation from continental authorities. Amongst those who claimed such initiation was one Kenneth Mackenzie, a Masonic scholar and encyclopaedist, who had received his at the hands of a Count Apponyi in Austria. The objects of this Society which confined its membership to Freemasons of  good standing, was 'to afford mutual aid and encouragement in working out the great problems of Life, and in discovering the secrets of nature; to facilitate the study of the systems of philosophy founded upon Kaballah and the doctrines of Hermes Trismegistus'."

"The first Chief of this Society", says Regardie, and "its Supreme Magus so called, was one Robert Wentworth Little, who is said to have rescued some old rituals from a certain masonic storeroom, and it was from certain of those papers that the Society's rituals were elaborated. He died in 1878, and in his stead was appointed Dr.William R. Woodman. Both Dr. Westcott and MacGregor Mathers were prominent and active members of this body. In fact, the former became Supreme Magus upon Woodman's death, and the office of Junior Magus being conferred upon Mathers. One legend has it that one day Westcott discovered in his library a series of cipher manuscripts, and in order to decipher them he enlisted the aid of MacGregor Mathers. It is said that this library was that of the Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia, and it is likewise asserted that those cipher manuscripts were among the rituals and documents originally rescued by Robert Little from Freemason's Hall. Yet other accounts have it that Wescott found the manuscripts on a bookstall in Farringdon Street. Further apocryphal legends claim that they were found  in the library of books and manuscripts from the mystic and clairvoyant, Frederick Hockley who died in 1885. Whatever the real origin of these mysterious cypher manuscripts, when eventually deciphered with the aid of MacGregor Mathers, they were alleged to have contained the address of Fraulein Sprengel, culminating in the transmission of authority to Woodman, Westcott and Mathers, to formulate in England a semi-public occult organisation which was to employ an elaborate magical ceremonial, Qabalistic teaching, and a comprehensive scheme of spiritual training. Its foundation was designed to include both men and women on a basis of perfect equality in contradistinction to the policy of the Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia [the S.R.A.] which was comprised wholly of Freemasons. Thus, in 1887, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn was established. Its first English Temple, Isis Urania, was opened in the following year."

Regardie, then goes on to say: "There is a somewhat different version as to its origin, having behind it the authority of Frater F.R., the late Dr. Felkin, who was the Chief of the Stella Matutina as well as a member of the Societas Rosicruciana". However, following the rift that developed between some members of the Order; a more significant twist in the tail of the origins of the Order, came to the fore. In 1900, according to Regardie: "one Florence Farr, whose esoteric motto was Soror S.S.D.D., having been left in charge of Isis‑Urania Temple while Mathers, continued his research work in Paris, decided for various personal reasons to enter her resignation from that important post. Under date of February 16th 1900, Mathers,  writing from Paris, refused to accept her resignation, believing that she intended to 'form a combination to make a schism therein with the idea of working secretly or avowedly under Sapere Aude' [Westcott]. "In this same letter, he was responsible for the astonishing statement that S.A. [Westcott] had never been at any time in touch with Fraulein Sprengel of Nuremburg but had 'either himself forged the professed or procured to be forged the professed correspondence between him and her'."

These are not isolated incidents; there are major scandals and question marks hanging over the origins of all branches and degrees of  Freemasonry as well as its sibling rivals, and they span every epoch; the minor ones such as the one that followed, involved a court case against Mrs. Rose Horos and her husband, who were arrested and tried in December 1901, for sexual perversion in connection with the initiation and obligations of Golden Dawn Neophytes, which leads us to ask: What is Freemasonry; What are its origins; and Who or What does it serve?

In answer to these and other questions, we are indebted to W.A. Liddell, mentioned previously, for publishing 'The Pickingill Papers', which contain conclusive evidence about Freemasonry: the origins of its ritual practices, and those of its brother and sister organisations, such as: The Rosicrusian Society of Anglia, and The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Coming as he does, from a long line of Hereditary Witches, Mr.Liddell, is more than competent to recognize the differences between 'Old Style' or 'Traditional Witch-Craft' and 'Modern Wicca', and the ongoing similarities between the initiation ceremonies and workings of a Coven and those of a Masonic Lodge. In so doing, he has established a direct ineffaceable connection between Celtic Druidism, French Witchcraft and the 3 basic degrees of Freemasonry. The 15th century French miniature, which he uses on page 48 to demonstrate the point in question, when we compare it with the illustrations of the equivalent initiation ceremonies for the first three Masonic Craft degrees, which are, as you well know: Entered Apprentice, Fellow Crafts, and Master Masons  as the saying goes: If it looks like a rose and smells like a rose, there is every likelihood that what you're looking at is indeed a rose. For confirmation see, amongst other authentic texts: 'Duncan's [USA] Masonic Ritual and Monitor', page 8, ISBN: 0679 506268.

In Chapter Four, Medieval French Witchcraft, Page 47, Liddell writes as follows: "The 15th century miniature affords pictorial evidence of the parallels which existed between the medieval witch cult and Freemasonry. This remarkable miniature also depicts the rites of that segment of the French Craft which was the historical precursor of the Gardnerian persuasion. The authentic details of a 15th century Craft initiation should interest Crafters of all persuasions."

"Gardnerian persuasion", refers of course, to that branch of witchcraft developed by the late Gerald Gardner, a fringe Freemason and cohort of Aleister Crowley, and one of Britain's most infamous and influential Witches. Let it not be forgotten, that this foremost contemporary Witch, obviously saw no difference between the two Crafts: Witchcraft and the Freemasonic Craft; just as it is hard to see where 'Fringe Masonry' ends and the Mainstream is supposed to begin. As can also be seen, the rituals of his modernised Wicca incorporated not only elements of the "Old Religion"  but also  in the Third Wiccan Great Rite  'The Secret' of Aleister Crowley's fringe Masonic Order the O.T.O. (Ordo Templi Orientis) of which Crowley himself stated: "The whole of the knowledge of the 33o degree of the Reduced Rite (obviously a reference to John Yarker's Ancient and Primitive Rite which incorporated Scottish Rite Freemasonry) is incorporated in the first seven degrees of the O.T.O."  In addition to this admission, Kenneth Grant, the current head of the O.T.O., added: "The first four degrees of the O.T.O., retained their traditionally Masonic Character although with modifications to obviate infringement of the Rules & Regulations of Orthodox Freemasonry."

Even in his "Book of Shadows" the main manual of Witchcraft today; Gardner is said to have "borrowed much of its language from Freemasonry and imported large chunks wholesale from Crowley."  Furthermore, the Wiccan Great Secret's origin is now known to have been the Ninth Degree of the O.T.O. ‑ a point confirmed by the Witch Doreen Valiente ‑ This Sex Magical Degree which Crowley believed the whole of Freemasonry hinted at and led towards, significantly the "Old Religion" of Witchcraft also incorporates a Secret Sexual Mass  according to the "Pickingill Papers." All this must be seen in the light of the aforementioned passage on p.699 of Crowley's 'Confessions' correlating 'Master' and 'Mass'. In addition to the Freemasonic ramifications, this also shows the Black Magical nature of Gardnerian Wicca and Modern Witchcraft Practitioners. Furthermore, as our continuing research shows, there are acute "Thelemic" elements in the Wiccan Craft, again stemming from Crowley whom it is claimed was initiated into one of the 9 Covens founded by George Pickingill, which helps to explain many of the similarities between them and the systems they helped spawn. At which point, we should return to the story of 15th century French miniature and see how it helps to expose the true nature and origins of Freemasonry. Liddell, states:

"The actual ceremony is depicted as a 'tableau vivant', with the female leader preparing to admit the male candidate. One notes that the three female Crafters have convened at a crossroads on a hilltop to initiate a man. A wood and a church at the foot of the hill are in the immediate environs. The four cardinal points are observed. The God [A Goat] stands in the north. The young widow, who substitutes for the absent male officer, 'mans' the east. (Gardner mentions that in 'the old days', when there was nobody of sufficient rank to take the position of the 'Devil', or male leader of the Coven, the High Priestess belted on the sword and 'acts as a man'). The female leader technically mans the south, because she contrives to touch the  southern station with her feet. The Maiden mans the West. The three Craft 'officers'; are positioned to form an inverted triangle. This is an obvious parallel with Freemasonry. The 'Master' is situated in the east, the Junior Warden in the south and the Senior Warden in the west. The north is unattended when the basic three degrees are worked. Gardner's detractors should note that the sigils common to both Freemasonry and the Craft can be discerned in this grouping of 15th century Crafters. Specific 'male' and 'female' sigils are associated with the grids along which the 'Power' flows. Medieval Crafters were stationed to afford maximum 'Power' during an initiation. Internal evidence in the miniature suggests that this ostensibly God‑orientated coven honours both the God and the Goddess... Modern Freemasons have perpetuated the concept of the Saracen Square... Contemporary Freemasons honour the 'holy ground' by using tracing boards to delineate the form of the lodge. Chalk, charcoal and tape were formerly used to mark out on the floor the detail from the lodge. Bro. B.E. Jones states on pp 396‑397 of the Freemason's Guide & Compendium:‑

'The floor lines in chalk, tape etc. delineated 'the form of lodge', which seems to suggest that to our Brethren the lodge was not so much the room in which they met, but the space ‑ 'the holy ground' ‑ enclosed within the outlines drawn on the floor... There is reason to suppose that at one time the circumambulation of the lodge meant merely walking around the lines drawn on the floor.'

The miniature reveals the origin of the Masonic phrase 'to square the circle'. The Crafters are grouped in a circle within an oblong square...The square represents the Life aspect and is ascribed to the God. The circle represents the Form aspect and is ascribed to the Goddess. The initiate 'squares the circle' by reconciling the male and  female currents within his own being. He is then a self‑conscious and self‑perfected god. The upright triangle, the inverted triangle, the pentagram, the lozenge, the circle and the square can all be discerned in the miniature. This circumstance should silence certain of Gardner's detractors who foolishly allege that the sigils of Wicca were borrowed either from Freemasonry or the Golden dawn. One stresses that the inverted triangle, the diamond lozenge and the circle have been associated with Scandinavian fertility goddesses for over 2000 years..."

Liddell goes on to point out that the bulk of Freemasonry from its rites of initiation, symbolism and practice are, how ever disguised, primarily derived from Hereditary Witch Lore. The divesting of the candidate of all metal, is a case in point: Prior to the initiation of the Masonic Candidate he is divested of all metal like the neophyte of Witchcraft. In Chapter Six, Liddell, states: "The Hereditary Craft proscribes the use of  metal at convocations. Authentic 'Hereditary' covens eschew the use of either metal or weapons. Metal is proscribed at convocations because Hereditary covens convene at recognised 'ley' centres...The use of metal in any form impedes the flow of 'Power' which can be generated in a circle." This is born out by the events which regularly took place above the Goat and Compasses, on Euston Road in London, a Public House formerly owned by the Westminster Wine Company, and managed by a friend's father. This was where the Masonic Lodges of Instruction met, and from whom I learned about this particular practice. To ensure that the Candidate was completely without any metal on him, he was issued with pyjamas for his initiation. The Goat and Compasses, of course, was the perfect name for a such activities. It really did stand for 'The Goat-God Encompasses Us', or the Grand Baphomet. Which brings me to the final point, the Grand Omnific Word, Jah-Bal-On.

For your information. The real meaning of Jah-Bal-On, can be found in my book: 'Satanic Voices ‑ Ancient & Modern'. The Royal Arch, or Seventh Degree convenes, following 9 knocks and the High Priest whispering in the King's ear the pass-word RABBONI.  The Companions who must be 9 in number, meet in three groups of three; and standing in three circles place their right feet in the centre and form a triangle, similarly their left hands reach out and clasp the left wrist of one of the other three, and then, raise their right hands above their heads into an arch and clasping each on the wrist form the third of three triangles. This is also done in the reverse order: Then having recited a few poetic verses: "They then balance three times three bringing the three clasped right hands with some force down on the three clasped left hands". This action forms a hexagram or star of David Alroy, and then each group of three recites a component part of the 'Grand Omnific Word': Jah‑Buh‑Lun. Je‑Ho‑Vah. G‑O‑D. "At Low Breath."  9 times or 3x3. The degree lecture states that [following this act of simulated copulation]: "we receive a wonderful accession of knowledge, and we find everything made perfect: for this is the ne plus ultra of Masonry, and can never be exceeded by any human institution."

What our research shows about this combination of words is as follows:

"Jah‑Buh‑Lun or Jah‑Bal‑On: The Power of the Compeller and the Power of the Lord Jehova. If we take the spelling in English with its sound it would mean that:‑ Jah: is the existing object. Releasing of air from ones self (at low breath) as if to bestow upon. While one does not hold back a thing or restrain the self. (In which case) There is no stimulation to the brain or spinal cord, this is a sound of the seeker of the path. The giving up of the self to receive new inspiration or force: Soul force. To empty out. Thus Jah as established above is as is stated: the sound.

Buh or Bul: is expelling again but without the total expelling for this is a cut off sound and is only partially open as a sound. Mild yet within the realm of understanding as a subtle awareness.

Lun or Lon: the sound of the mentally aware or spiritually aware as it would be in the case of the mystic. This is the sound of the Oyster that contains the pearl...This is the sound of the opening of the soul and the closing of the flesh.

Jabulon is in its entirety a word which begins spiritually giving and contains the flesh of the seeker or (the flesh of) those who arrive at repeating or calling upon this word. Yet Jabulon compells its subjects and those who use it compel others.

Remember that Ja or Jah the sound means Jehova or Yahweh and are the same word as well as the same sound. Jabulon and the words are sound words that call entities into being. For every sound and combination of sounds there is an entity. Although these sounds are the releasing of or cause the releasing of ones soul force we find great problems when a combination of sounds are not noted with some form of stimulation to the brain or spinal cord; as in the case of calling something into being. This word is an unfamiliar combination of sounds that are of a positive nature. This word Jabulon (its sound) is to call forth the compelling force of hell and hellish beings or entities. Do not use this word, limit your saying of this word, it is not good."

The next time you refer to Dr.Westcott as "harmless" or try to make out that the "English Rosicrucian Society" is innocuous, it would be wise to get your facts right. For it is no exaggeration to state that: "Pickingill's machinations materially influenced the founding of the S.R.A.(in 1865) and the G.D. (in 1888)." And as such certainly influenced people like Wescott, Yarker, Jennings, Hughan, Little, et al. As Liddell so rightly pointed out: "A newspaper obituary claimed that England had produced two outstanding magicians ‑ Merlin and George Pickingill..." It is monstrous to propose that anyone, Freemason or otherwise,  schooled in the art of witchcraft by Britain's foremost Witch, with a traceable pedigree going back to 1071 A.D., could ever be considered harmless. Immane would be a more fitting epithet.

The Old Testament, used on most occasions by the United Grand Lodge as "The Book of Sacred Law" contains the following instructions: "There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch, or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer for all that do these things are an abomination unto the Lord: and because of these abominations the Lord thy God doth drive them out from before thee... for these nations, which thou shalt possess, harkened unto observers of times, and unto diviners: but as for thee, the Lord thy God hath not suffered thee so to do." (Deuteronomy 18:9-14) 

Yours sincerely,

Author: David Musa Pidcock
Date Published: Autumn/Winter 1996


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